Sometimes the easy way seems hard, although we often uncover quick wins with technical SEO practices, establishing a strong organic presence is a marathon, not a sprint.


First coined by news publishers before digital content was around, ‘above the fold content’ refers to the newspaper’s top fold of content that would be seen first to engage people.

It works the same for digital content but is most commonly challenged by page speed, structure and distinguishability.

Optimising landing pages and website structure for search engines

Under the bonnet, it gets really technical but on the surface you either want to be absolute or mediate between the varied intent – as some users will want to get in contact right away, and some will want to learn more:


If you value the experience of users that visit your website, you ought to offer a path of least resistance. No delays, no content shifts and no misdirections.

Even when people shop therapeutically, there will be some angst over what to choose.

Allow your users to lap up your content, make it easy to understand, regard their concerns and consolidate their experience because you enjoy doing what you do.


Do you feel as though some of your content is a bit repetitive but you don’t want your users to miss something important? Distinguish the purpose of your pages with macro content and micro references.

If it’s confusing for Google to tell the purpose of two pages apart, it probably will be for your users or at least it will be perceived as such.

Search engines are not fond of duplicate content, especially for websites and landing pages that are not well established with a historical dataset of fulfilment.

So it pays to improve the quality of your content, implementing an exact structure with a cohesive path to your goals.


The first step is to ensure that there’s nothing holding your website back because sometimes, no matter how good the written and visual content is, there could be issues that prevent search engines from even seeing these pages, telling them apart from others or deeming them as useful to users.

Once a website has had a technical checkup and all issues have been resolved, you can be sure that all of the creativity invested in the past and future will get the credit it deserves.


Still to this day, websites are acquiring links from low-quality backlinks that can be bad for the overall authority on a given subject. Checking the integrity of your backlinks, learning from your competitors and taking advantage of your businesses natural activities to acquire good and proper backlinks will boost the authority of your website on the subjects you need it to.


Taking into account all of the above, listing the issues found in a prioritised order and resolving them count towards your overall strategy to improve existing content marketing new content will put you ahead of your competitors.