Want To Work With Influencers?

We can matchmake influencers to your brand that will create authenticity and drive tangible results.

We have connections with micro and macro influencers that we can use to spark conversation and expand your reach.

Whether you would like influencer marketing for a launch event or for a new product or service, get in touch.

Influencer Marketing Services

We offer a variety of influencer marketing services, all depending on your budget and requirements.

Influencer Matchmaking

Researching and identifying influencers who align with your brand values and goals.

Influencer Liaison

Liaising with influencers from initial outreach and briefing to negotiation and agreement.

Campaign Strategy

Developing an influencer marketing strategy that outlines your campaign goals, target audience and budget allocation.

Performance Tracking

The important bit... Monitoring through key metrics including reach, engagement and ROI.

Our Influencer Projects

Check out where we’ve supported our clients through influencer marketing below.

Ready To Make A Splash?

Influencers give you instant access to a ready made audience of people who are ready to buy your products – if it’s done properly.

Don’t worry though, that’s our job. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to explain how it all works.

Client Feedback

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