How do I get a Content Creator Apprenticeship?

I’ve been doing a content creator apprenticeship with Who’s Listening for about half a year now, and it has been a great experience. If you’re considering  dipping your toes into the industry, I’d say go for it! Let me rewind a bit—I finished my Fine Art degree last summer, and honestly, I was feeling pretty lost. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, and I definitely didn’t feel like I was really qualified enough for any of the jobs I was looking into.. But I knew I wanted something creative and secure, and that’s when I stumbled upon apprenticeships.

I found my apprenticeship on Indeed, but there are tons of places you can find them. The government website has a whole section dedicated to apprenticeships in a variety of different fields.. You can filter your search and find exactly what you’re looking for here. You can also use your LinkedIn, often employers post opportunities on there. And if you’re into digital stuff like content creation, digital marketing, or IT, check out Baltic Apprenticeships. They specialise in digital apprenticeships. It’s important to remember the best time to start looking for apprenticeships is between June and September. Although you can start an apprenticeship at any age, employers tend to post apprenticeship opportunities around the end of GCSE time as you can apply for an apprenticeship from the age of 16.

My apprenticeship is technically with Who’s Listening, but Baltic Apprenticeships has my back throughout the apprenticeship process. When I applied, Baltic helped me prepare for the interview. Speaking of which, the interview was a good experience. Just a casual chat followed by a couple of tasks to see if I could handle day-to-day tasks. I created a graphic for Instagram using Canva and brainstormed some ideas for improving a social media profile. My advice for the interview is to always ask at least one question during the interview. It shows you’re interested and engaged. This could be ‘what will my day to day duties look like?’ or ‘who will I be working with?’

It can be a long process obtaining an apprenticeship. I waited about four months. But in that time you can always level up your skills. There are tons of free courses out there. Hubspot Academy and Hootsuite Academy have some useful digital marketing and content creation courses. Plus, when you finish a course, you get a badge or certificate you can put on your portfolio, CV, or LinkedIn. And don’t forget YouTube! Canva’s got a bunch of helpful videos on their channel to get you up to speed. Getting familiar with Canva will be a big help when it comes to your apprenticeship.

Starting an apprenticeship might seem like a long road, but in my opinion it is worth it. You’re earning a qualification while getting real-world experience, and there’s a good chance you’ll land a job at the end of it all. I am having so much fun as a content creator, working with a variety of clients, being creative,  and I’d recommend it to anyone looking to get into the industry.

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