How You Can Use AI in Content Creation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a fast growing technology that has boomed in the past year. And new AI resources have been appearing at a quick rate. For most people AI is a part of everyday life helping make life easier, coming in the forms of helpful assistants Alexa, Siri and Hey Google. Other people might use AI to their advantage by using the tool to help with tasks. Using platforms like ChatGPT people can write professional emails, come up with content ideas and overall take the burden off being creative. Canva offers a variety of AI tools making content creation quicker and more accessible. And platforms such as DALL.E2 and Adobe Photoshop’s new generate feature give users the opportunity to generate instant visuals.

The Power of ChatGPT

ChatGPT provides opportunities for easy and effective brainstorming. Engaging with the AI system is a useful tool that will help generate engaging content creation ideas. The more description that is provided the more specific and creative the idea produced. AI works by gathering information from user interaction and the internet so most likely the content AI recommends will be more relevant as it utilises SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

However this does have a negative side as AI can not understand and interpret the data in the way that humans do it just understands data as numbers, in turn the AI prioritises keywords over being informative to the reader. This aspect of AI can affect things like blog writing where you might want to prioritise informative writing over keywords that AI will prioritise to generate clicks, so it is important to bear this in mind when creating specific types of content.

Another area where AI might be negative when it comes to brainstorming is it might create boring and simple ideas if the prompts given are not detailed enough. If the prompt is too simplistic the user risks creating boring and repetitive content. So when you are brainstorming remember to give the AI as much information as possible to get more specific and unique outcomes.

Using AI to Create Visuals

DALL.E2 is an AI platform that can be used to create visuals when given a prompt. It can be a time saver as it creates interesting visuals in an instant without someone having to manually. DALL.E2 can even replicate specific styles such as ‘in the style of a Van Gough painting’ this plays around with more elements such as texture which adds depth to visuals.

Possible negative effects of using AI for visuals is that it takes away job opportunities from artists and illustrators. Although from a business perspective it might save time and money, ethically, it can be problematic taking jobs away from creatives.  

Canva’s use of ‘Magic’ AI

Canva has created a variety of AI tools with simplicity in mind. Making it more accessible to users and with Canva’s simplistic layout it is much more user-friendly than platforms such as Adobe Photoshop which is tailored more towards professionals.

For example using Canva’s tool ‘Magic Switch’ makes resizing posts for a variety of platforms instant. This useful tool saves valuable time for content creators working across a multitude of social media platforms. Additionally, a great feature is the ability to change the language of the user’s post. Making the content more accessible world-wide.

Another great tool is Beat-Sync. It is an AI tool created by Canva to help users sync the beat of music to their videos. This is useful as synchronicity improves engagement. With the beats and visuals matching up it makes the viewing experience overall more satisfying. This feature can be used to create instagram reels, Tiktok videos, etc. Canvas’ simple structure makes it easy for users to create these videos. However it does have limitations for example it can only edit a maximum of 10 minutes footage so if a user was creating a video for YouTube it  might not be the best tool.

The Potential Risks

With the popularity of using AI booming it does come with a variety of potential risks. One fear is that the more AI is integrated into our daily lives the over use of AI will cause us to become more dependent on it creating a lack in creativity and independent thinking. In the role of content creation creativity is a key aspect as thinking of new projects and adapting them to latest trends is key.

Another aspect of a potential risk is plagiarism. Although AI can be a useful tool used to detect plagiarism it can also create plagiarised content. This is due to the AI taking its information from all parts of the internet, sometimes what the AI creates might contain plagiarism that could be unknown to the user.

To conclude, AI’s rapid growing capabilities are useful for content creators. Providing a variety of tools to help with all aspects of content creation. AI’s simple user interface makes it an accessible piece of software. However when using these platforms it is important to acknowledge the ethical concerns and take into account negative aspects using AI may have on content creation such as accidental plagiarism.

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