Video Content Essentials: Best Practices and Tools for Social Media 

Did you know that video content makes up 82% of internet traffic? There is no denying that creating video content for your brand’s social media can have amazing results. When starting the process of creating video content for your business it might seem overwhelming as there are so many video editing apps and so many tools that might seem confusing. But don’t worry, this blog will help you with the basics. So, if you want to start posting video content and don’t know where to start, I’m going to walk you through some user-friendly tools and best practices to start your video content journey.

Instagram and TikTok are the world’s leading social media platforms. Both platforms prioritise video content with TikTok users posting an average of 34 Million videos to the platform a day. Video content is vital to getting your business out there. Studies show that users retain 95% of the information in content that is watched compared to 10% when reading text.

Tips for Best Practice

When creating video content there are simple things you can do to ensure best practice. One of the simplest things you can do is add captions to your videos. Captions are vital for making your content more accessible. It is estimated that 75% of social media content is consumed online. Content is consumed without sound so adding captions makes your video understandable even with no audio. When it comes to adding captions to videos you can use many different tools. Apps such as “Captions: for talking videos”, “Zeemo: AI Captions and Subtitles” and “VEED – Captions for Videos”. And some video editing apps such as CapCut include them as a free tool in the app.

A good contrast ratio makes seeing your video much easier for people with colour blindness. This might sound complicated but it has been made simple with handy contrast checkers like Coolors a colour contrast checker.  To check the contrast between two colours you simply use an eyedropper tool to get the colour code, then simply input your colour codes and the checker will tell you how easy your content is to see. The minimum contrast ratio should be 4.5:1.

Keep your videos short and engaging. When it comes to social media you have about 3 seconds to capture your audience’s attention so your content must be concise and to the point to keep the viewer’s attention. The ideal length of a video on TikTok should be between 21 and 34 seconds and the ideal length of an Instagram Reel should be between 7 and 15 seconds. When editing your videos cutting out pauses and ‘filler words’ like’ erm will make your videos more streamlined and engaging. This is important, particularly for the TikTok algorithm as it relies heavily on the engagement of watchers to judge which content is pushed.  ’Studies show that users retain 95% of information in content that is watched compared to 10% when reading text. So make sure that what you’re saying is relevant.

Remember your call to action! At the end of your video add in a CTA to direct your viewers as to what to do next. Do you want them to visit your website? Do you want them to follow you or check your other social media accounts? Leaving a CTA at the end of your video ensures you don’t leave your viewers hanging.

Tools for Creating and Editing Content 

The simplest way to film content is by using your phone. Current smartphones have amazing cameras with a range of settings that make your videos a higher quality. On an iPhone, you can choose whether to film in HD or 4K at either 30 or 60 frames per second. The higher the frame rate the more precisely you can edit your footage.

CapCut is an editing app, perfect for creating social media content. The app has an excellent free version that allows you to use a wide range of basic editing tools. In the free version, you can overlay images on top of your video, choose from a range of transition effects and add voiceovers to your videos. You can even change your voiceovers using AI. And that is only a taste of some of the things you can do with CapCut. If you want to up your editing game you can pay for CapCut Pro, this gives you access to many extra transitions, exclusive audio and a range of exclusive pro tools. 

Another popular software that makes editing easy is VideoLeap. VideoLeap has some amazing templates that make editing compilation videos super easy. You simply select your videos, choose your template and highlight elements of the video you want to appear in line with the template. Another cool feature that VideoLeap has is an AI editor. You need to tell the AI the subject of your video e.g. Fitness/Fashion and what sort of vibe you are going for e.g. Thrilling/Heartwarming and the AI will do the hard work for you. VideoLeap, like CapCut, has a free version as well as a paid version. Unlike CapCut they do offer a one-off payment for lifetime access along with their options of monthly subscriptions.

In conclusion, creating impactful video content for social media involves a combination of strategic best practices and the right set of tools. Using the right tools for shooting and editing your content will streamline your workflow and improve your results. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting out, these insights can help you produce engaging videos that resonate with your audience and drive meaningful engagement.

Ready to take your social media video strategy to the next level? At Who’s Listening, we can help elevate your social media by crafting compelling video content that boosts your brand’s presence. Contact us today to learn how we can help transform your social media approach with our tailored strategies. Let’s create something extraordinary together! 

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