Supreemlife Marketing Support

Competitions That Give Back

In a world where competition websites seem to be popping up right, left and centre, Supreemlife are trying to set themselves apart. They do this by donating a portion of profits from each competition to local charities – something we can definitely get behind!

The charities they work with will really benefit from the money that is donated, making a real difference to those in the North East – but their plan is to scale this even further to be all over the UK.

We were approached by the Supreemlife team before they had even launched, allowing us to support them with planning for their launch and then pushing into a very competitive market.

Multi-Channel Support

We started by helping Supreemlife create their brand. We created a logo, merch, backdrops, leaflets, feather flags – you name it, we probably did it!

Originally they had a website created by somebody else, but after encountering issues they asked us if we could help. We then rebuilt them a new website in a platform they could easily manage themselves moving forward.

Finally, we supported them with the launch of their business on social media. This included generating thousands of followers, tens-of-thousands of comments and even supported them with filming and editing cash giveaways in the city!

Client Feedback

Fantastic company. Very well versed in what works in social media, as well as the background behind it.

Shane and his team are extremely responsive, and can dynamically change with the needs of any business.

I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for this type of service.

– David Lowes, Commercial Director at Supreemlife

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